Ideal for Birthday Parties for 6 years old's through to 66 year old's! No matter your age, or occasion, from leisure to team building Laserquest is an ideal option. The game of Laserquest is in essence a form of Tag but with a twist! Points are awarded every time you shoot another player, with points deducted every time you are shot. At the end of each game, scores are displayed on monitors with each player receiving an individual score card that has a detailed breakdown of their points. You will be equipped with the Laserquest pack and gun that has flashing targets located on the front, shoulders, back and on the sides and front of the gun. When you fire the gun, a laser beam is projected towards your target and when you are shot, your pack is deactivated for up to 4 seconds. The Laserquest game system is also very configurable, therefore many more game type are possible. The most popular game types are solo: everybody for themselves, or a Team Game: Two teams battle for the control of the arena. The game is played in a purpose built arena with ramps, mazes, swirling fog, flashing lights and pumping music with a maximum of 30 players per game. Each game will last approximately 20 minutes including a safety briefing and kit up time. You can rest assured that Laserquest is completely safe however we recommend casual clothing with flat shoes with a sole that grips. Height restrictions may apply for younger persons due to the size and weight of the packs. We recommend a minimum height of 1 metre (3ft 4in).